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Why should you care? — A review of the 4-Hour Workweek & overview of the concept

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Photo by Author — Sept 2020

“What is the pot of gold that justifies spending the best years of your life hoping for happiness in the last?” — Tim Ferriss The 4-Hour Workweek

I am launching my self-hosted website for Jezebel’s Feast tonight, and debuting the beginning of this stretch of my journey with an article about Lifestyle Design.

I set a deadline for the launch weeks ago and realized I had inadvertently set the date, November 7th, on what would have been my late father’s 96th birthday. …

A healthier method that masterfully mimics the crunch of deep-frying!

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Photo by Jezebel’s Feast

Years of my life were wasted wandering the “crispy yet baked” desert before finally discovering this technique…👩🏽‍🍳

I have tested at least 20 different recipes over the years claiming to produce crispy yet baked results for various cuisines. “Trust me, it’s just like deep-fried…” they lied.

🎥 Watch One-Min Katsu Trout Tutorial 🎞

Video by Jezebel’s Feast

The search continued, and I’ll admit, I nearly lost my resolve before persevering. What can I say? I’ve got a thing for just about anything breaded & I wanted to be able to make it at home.

After playing with baked Katsu for the past year, I feel confident sharing…

What are the health benefits & why should you drink one every day?

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Photo by Jezebel’s Feast

Most Green Smoothie Recipes Fail 🤷🏽‍♀️

They’re either too sweet, not sweet enough, or worse… watery. After spending years working professionally as a craft cocktail bartender, I’m probably hyper-aware of how important proportions are to creating a balanced drink. Dissatisfied, I set off on this journey not knowing I would discover the Ultimate Nutritious Delicious Green Smoothie.

Are you not disgusted by the sickeningly sweet taste of most bottled green smoothies found at the grocery store? Conversely, when you order a green smoothie at a juice bar, are you left with feeling there is a lot to be desired with…

Learn how to make flatbread pizza at home like a pro 👩🏽‍🍳

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Calabrese Salami & New York Steak Cast Iron Pizza ~ Photo by Jezebel Feast 12/20

The elusive DIY pizza.

It sounds like a fun project at first until you end up with a complete mess of a kitchen and lackluster results.

Don’t turn away from me. You shouldn’t be ashamed of past failures with making pizza at home. I nearly gave up myself on ever achieving restaurant-quality pizza.

The dough is never right (too thick, thin, soft, or hard). The sauce is off. Too watery, bland, or chunky.

Your pizza at home never has the same “look” as the pizzas you had enjoyed dining out (you know, when restaurants were still a thing).

Well, guess…

Discover beautiful outdoor cycling trails in Seattle, Washington!

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All Photography & Video by Author

The photo above was taken at one of my favorite “secret” spots in Magnuson Park. I have wanted to write about outdoor cycling for a while now, and must say that my experience of getting into it this year would not have happened if not for the Pandemic.

I used to go to spin classes regularly, and enjoyed them. While, that’s obviously off the table right now, I don’t think I’ll be returning. I am hooked on cycling outdoors throughout each season, after riding a few thousand miles outdoors so far this year.

There are silver linings to be found…

Make a 4-star restaurant quality weeknight meal at home in 30-minutes!

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All Photography & Video by Author

I love Scallops.

Besides being delicious, Scallops are a sustainable food source! Eating seafood is unfortunately dicey these days. We have to look out for contaminants such as mercury and purine. Fortunately, Scallops are one of the healthiest and sustainable seafood choices available currently.

While containing some purine and low amounts of mercury, it is okay to consume Scallops in moderation, and there are many benefits! Scallops are 80% protein, provide antioxidants, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, iron, potassium, B12 and are low in fat.

I prefer only to eat Alaskan Scallops seeing as I was born and raised in “The Last…

Save time & your sanity with a Mueller Electric Pressure Cooker!

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(All) Photography by Author

A friend recently asked me to come up with a few recipes for busy moms.

This recipe is also for busy people in general. Singles who’s job is their demanding baby, college students learning how to cook, also the numerous busy moms out there juggling a household and hungry mouths.

I’ve been there, and it’s unfortunate that when our kids were little, I had not discovered the awe and wonder… that is the Electric Pressure Cooker.

I’m not sure where things went wrong, but pressure cookers got a lousy wrap years ago. Sure, they can blow up… but only if…

A quick, delicious & exceptionally easy Cannabutter cookie recipe!

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All Photography by Author

This was not the first recipe I planned to share about cooking with cannabis, however, I had a debt that needed to be paid.

I promised my friend Nikolaos that I would make him a batch of edible cookies… a long time ago. Overcome with guilt, I asked what his favorite kind of cookie was, he replied “white chocolate chip macadamia nut.”

My eyes glazed over. This was my favorite cookie as a kid growing up! Yes, it’s ridiculously rich, pleasantly sweet… nostalgic, and so… so… good.

I haven’t enjoyed a white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie in probably 20…

A review of the Levo II & the next evolution of infusing cannabutter at home

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Photo by Author — LEVO II Oil Infuser

➡️ This blog post contains affliate links for LEVO products. JF only affiliate markets products I personally use, & write thorough reviews of. If you decide to purchase this product, please consider buying through my link. Your support is greatly appreciated! ❤️

This is the very first recipe I am formally publishing for Jezebel’s Feast.

After searching deep in my soul for what recipe I could offer the public that would have the most positive impact, the answer was suddenly unmistakable. …

Tell me the truth my child — A Poem

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Photo by John McColgan, Bureau of Land Management, Alaska Fire Service (Wiki Commons)

Tell me … the truth my child

I’m weary of your lies

Tell me … why lie all the time?

You chose this; don’t look away

The very least you can do is meet my ignited gaze

Tell me… you can’t truly be surprised

I am more than willing… to burn you all alive

Cities cleansed; washed away in molten floods and tears of ash

Sparks of resentment lashing out across the lands -

The howling of injustice swirling within violent winds

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